Areas of expertise


Weight Loss

Through a lifestyle assessment to identify activity, stress, sleep patterns and nutrition, you'll receive a bespoke weight loss plan to suit your needs.   

Strength and core conditioning

Targeting all muscles that support the spine and pelvis, this will tone, sculpt and improve movement patterns, muscular strength and flexibility. 

Injury prevention/rehabilitation

Combining sports science, biomechanics and strength and conditioning, programmes can be designed to prevent injury or bring you back to peak fitness.   

Pre and post natal 

A safe and well managed exercise and nutrition programme during pre and post-natal phases is highly beneficial to both the mother and the baby.

Sports Performance 

A training programme will be devised to meet the specific set of needs or physical attributes required by an athlete in their chosen sport. 

Tennis specific fitness

Tennis-specific training covering the many aspects of performance required including strength, speed, agility, flexibility and endurance. 

Triathlon training

From sprint triathlons through to full Ironman programmes, this training will include focus on the swim, bike and run as well as strength and conditioning.

Running and endurance training

With a focus on aerobic endurance and speed, these programmes will improve technique, leg turnover and durability.