Matt Gleed in the Media


Why lifting is new running for over-40s

Gleed small group training named in top 6 ways to build muscle 

TRX exercises: three of the best

Matt puts together a 3-move workout to hit all your major muscle groups

Tried And Tested: TRX Training

Gleed takes journalist through a gruelling TRX workout

TRX partner with UK triathlon team

Matt puts Team Freespeed through their paces


Man City get to grips with TRX

Gleed leads workshops with the Man City physio and S&C teams


Liverpool Football club uses TRX

Gleed leads workshops with the Liverpool FC physio and S&C teams

Secret fitness weapon of Premier League

Matt's key to functional fitness for top Premier League players


Cycling Weekly's indoor cycling moves

Key exercises for cyclists to do in the comfort of their own homes

How to cross-train like an Olympian

Looking at how Matt's TRX has played a key role in elite performance


Vogue Weekly Wellbeing tips

TRX training picked as one of Calgary Avansino's top fitness tips

Exercises to get you ski-slope ready

Matt Gleed and Matt Roberts list their top ski-season exercises


Body weight training named as top trend

Matt talks fitness trends on the back of the ACSM survey


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