Group Training

Small group training has increased in popularity and with good recent - it's often a more affordable option, allows you to change up your changing and gives you the social aspect of a motivational bunch of workout buddies. 

This form of training can focus on different aspects of fitness, or provide just a great, high intensity workout. Classes can group clients who have been recommended to work on specifics by medical professionals or just group friends, work colleagues or those working towards a common goal or event. 

Matt has successful utilised group training when working with specific populations or age ranges, junior Tennis players and the Wiltshire Tennis Academy who required an affordable approach to their fitness provision. 

Matt also runs 'Partner Workouts' aka Marriage Counselling Sessions, as those that train together, stay together. If it's more of a family affair, Matt also offers whole-family training, where he will come to your house or use a local venue to put the parents and then the kids through their paces, or a combination for all. A great way to bond a a family and motivate each other into fitness.